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What You Need To Know

Maintaining your pipe and drain system with regular cleaning ensures a free and un-obstructive flow of water and waste. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the major components of the sewer and drain system are hidden behind walls and beneath the home’s foundation, we tend to disregard health checks and problematic symptoms until they become visible, inconvenient and expensive issues.

Many property owners are not familiar with how sewer and drain lines are designed or what they are legally responsible for.  The drain system of your home resembles the tree in your yard.  The tree trunk or “primary line” is a 3″ pipe venting from the roof through the concrete foundation, extending 4 feet outside the home.  The branches of your tree which connect to the trunk are the various system usage points (kitchen, bath, laundry, toilets).  Although separate in function, they interrelate as they all connect to the main line (trunk) of the home.  Any problem in any of these areas will affect flow performance levels of the others.

Once outside the home, the main line (trunk) transitions to a 6″ pipe which runs to the city sewer line and connects.  Residents are responsible for all lines including the connection point of their system to the city…That’s a Big Responsibility.

What We Do

A lack of maintenance is the source of most residential system problems.  We don’t maintain what we can’t see.  It is for this reason that Equisure-Inspectors physically checks and tests all lines (branches) and grading flow levels of your home.  Using our 10-step inspection process, we analyze the overall health of your system, camera your main line (trunk) giving you the pictures, diagnosis and fix the problem.  Oh yeah, we also clean out your primary line (trunk) as a free service to you…Are you ready to call yet?

Root Removal Examples


Home Camera Inspection

30yrs of Expertise

The owner of Equisure-Inspectors has more than 30 years of expert plumbing and drain cleaning field experience under his belt.  There is nothing he hasn’t seen and fixed…nothing he can’t diagnose and treat.  Knowledge at this level not only saves you money but saves you time and lessens your inconvenience.

Friendly Professionals 

The professionals at Equisure-Inspectors are known throughout the community for being friendly and considerate.  They take the time to listen to your concerns and translate them into quality driven, money saving solutions.

We know that trust is a huge factor in our business which is why we physically inspect and camera line our work before and after completion.  By providing before and after shots of your system via USB drive, we provide a level of knowledge that is tangible and visible as well as a feeling of security unmatched in the business.

Parts & Service Warranty

We stand behind our work with a 1-year parts and service warranty. Additionally, our full home warranty is available through the Equisure-Inspectors service plan.  For a low monthly rate, you can proactively protect the integrity of your property’s foundational and surface plumbing lines.