We started with a simple idea.

Equisure Inspectors commits itself to being the service of choice for drain cleaning, plumbing and sewer-line inspections and services. Our mission is to proactively identify potential plumbing hazards, thereby decreasing costly problems and repairs down the road.

Equisure Inspectors believes in long-term sewer and drain solutions. The last thing we want is for you to hire a drain cleaner only to have the problem revisit you again six months later. This is why we don’t simply remove the clog…WE CLEAN THE LINE. Taking this extra step dramatically increases the flow and performance level of your drain system while decreasing the opportunity for further obstructions to occur.

The mission of Equisure Inspectors and our core business purpose is to make your life easier, provide peace of mind, and to help protect your investment. Our commitment to excellence combined with our money saving maintenance programs and service plans means you’ll never again be subject to unexpected and costly emergency repairs.

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Real Estate, Financial


Drain and sewer-line inspections
Drain and sewer-line repairs
All work comes with a 1-year service and parts guarantee
Price match guarantee

Protect your property with our money saving and fully transferable service plan.